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One must be creative and imaginative to be an innovator in the landscaping and architectural lighting by orchestrating lights and shadows

It is also fundamental to work with existing contrasts to respect the mystery and charm of the existing landscape and architectural spaces. This ensures that the exterior space design stays cozy, subtle, relaxing and safe.

The lighting installation is created through soft transitions and various lighting gradations that naturally leads the eye from one zone to the other and also,

  • painting different atmospheres
  • throwing balanced lighting on the whole scene
  • Attract attention
  • Using the appropriate lighting sources

In short, light is much more than just something to help you see at night and used for safety. It can be sculpted, painted, designed, filtered out, molded or orchestrated. It has rhythm! To achieve these effects, light must be ONE with Nature.

One must take the time to observe light, to imbue it, to breathe it in, but also to discover or understand it. We must also take into account the presence of shadow and light essences that make it up.

The painter, when he facing his canvas, will choose wisely and carefully the size, the shape and the texture of his brush. He will make his emotions live through his painting. He will apply brush strokes in very specific directions and play with textures, contrasts, shadows, shapes and lights.

Our lighting installations endorse this philosophy. During daytime, we have an overall view of things. On the other hand, at night, directed light attracts the eye and wake your senses up to details that would be otherwise missed.

We are simply creating movement in space.

Whatever the scope and size of your project is, an artistic landscape lighting installation designed by Jardin d’ombre et de lumiere will not only add to your enjoyment and enhance the architecture of your property. It will bring character and depth to your garden while revealing its hidden soul, transforming the beautiful into magnificent.

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Awards and Mentions


36th APPQ Landscaping competition

1st prize, interior courtyard lighting, Le Parc Montréal.
36th APPQ Landscaping competition 36th APPQ Landscaping competition 36th APPQ Landscaping competition


35th APPQ Landscaping competition

1st prize, deck lighting, Ms. Allie St-Bruno.
35th APPQ Landscaping competition 35th APPQ Landscaping competition 35th APPQ Landscaping competition
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