Jardin d'Ombre et de Lumière landscape artistic and architectural lighting
Entreprise / Television - Lighting

Television - Lighting


l’Espace d’un été

A Canal Vie cultural magazine that offered to change the outdoor spaces of some viewers in a relaxing and peaceful havens.


Idée maison

The reference TV show in matters of home decorating, renovation and real estate properties.


Complètement marteau

Home maintenance and renovation show hosted by Yves Mondoux. Complètement marteau aimed to help home owners - and tenants - renovate and maintain their home space.



Interim winner Jardins d'ombre et de lumière customers for their friendly support and testimonials.

M. José Théodore
Mme Hélène Allie
M. Bernard Belair
M. Aldo Bensadoun
M. Éric Boyko
M. Marc Bruneau
M. Jean-Pierre Charland
M. Jean Coutu
M. Peter Forgaty
M. Daniel Johnson
Mme Koeing
M. Daniel Lamarre
M. Stéphane Laporte
M. Mackay
M. Robert Matthers
Mme. Caroline Néron
M. Pierre Karl Péladeau
M. Julien Rémillard
Mme Julie Snyder
Mme. Sophie Thibeault
M. Avi Wallerstein
Feu M. Ben Weider

As well as several other participations.